Responsible Betting

Responsible Gambling

The sports betting industry is a profitable one with turnovers to the billions. This only means that a lot of people are losing money to the bookmakers and just a few are in profit. We want you to understand the risks involved and manage it accordingly. Here are a few tips:

Protecting Minors: It is against the law for those under the age of 18 to gamble and you are not allowed to use this site if you are not of legal age.

Bet what you can afford to lose: Before placing that bet, ask yourself – what happens if I lose this money? If the consequences are dire, we advise that you reduce your stake or you don’t bet at all for that period. There are games everyday and you can place bets other days that things are stable. Use available tools such as deposit Limits to help with discipline to manage the amount of money you spend.

When the fun stops, stop: When it stops being fun, when anxiety sets in, when you start chasing loses, just stop. Take a breather. Take some time out. This will help in building your discipline going forward.

Have Reality Checks and Time Limits: The more time you spend on gambling platforms, the more the urge to gamble. Monitor the amount of time you spend playing. Have a plan that includes limits and checks. It could stop being fun if done in excess.

Be Aware: The first step to solving a problem is recognising there is a problem. Utilize available tools on your gaming platform to help mitigate the problem. Seek for help if it is out of control. There are several platforms that offer free services to help out in situations like this. Some of these platforms like Gambling Therapy and Gambling aware are recommended. Also check for available local resources and organizations that can help you out.

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